Victor Vieux

French Software Engineer at Cruise,
previously at docker, living in San Francisco


I joined Docker in April 2013, being one of the few core maintainers of the project.
After a year and a half, I started working on Swarm, a Docker-native clustering system.
In June 2018, I joined Cruise to help build a self-driving rideshare service.


Main Talks (videos)

PGRE 2019
DockerCon 2017
LinuxCon + ContainerCon 2016
DockerCon 2015 SF 2015
DockerCon EU 2014
MesosCon 2014
GopherCon 2014

Side Projects
Video Games for Retro Consoles. (source)
Code coverage of any golang package as a service.
A simple Mesos framework written in Go.
Hnefatafl (source)
An old viking game, mix between checkers and chess using libGDX.
An open source Android application to explore your Xbox Live games and achievements.